Y Drop LLC. 2013- 2014 Fall Sales Promotion

Program ends September 15,2013

  • Promotional program secures 2013 pricing on customer orders signed, dated and partially paid by September 15,2013
  • Write an order for January delivery of 2014 using the current 2013 price list
  • Customer payment schedule: involves 50% invoice payment by customer by September 15,2013 and the second 50% of customer invoice balance payment due by January 5,2014
  • Delivery will be in January of 2014
  • Dealer payment schedule: 1st 50% of total customer payment is due to the Y DROP LLC. office by September 25, 2013, balance of invoice is due less total dealer commission by January 10th 2014
  • All signed orders must accompany September payments to Y Drop LLC. 2410 290th St. Garner, Iowa, 50438
  • On receipt of order Y Drop LLC. will provide Invoice, please provide e-mail address, contact person and complete phone number
  • All orders are F.O.B. Garner, Iowa

Questions can be forwarded to Dan at 641-512-6253 or muffarm@netins.net

Thanks for your participation! Dan Y Drop LLC.

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Welcome to the Y Drop™ System

For purchase information see www.360yieldcenter.com
 phone: 888-512-4890 email: support@360yieldcenter.com 

Y Drop™ is the most versatile tool available in today’s market that can be attached to almost any spray machine. Y Drop™ creates more consistent yield potential year after year than all the technologies we have tested in over 12 years. Y Drop™ is a tool that can place any liquid product within 2-3" of a crop row during most plants' vegetative or reproductive lives for almost any reason. With years of research, Y Drop™ delivers technologies to help you increase your yields and profits.

Y Drop™ is a new system of fertilization that compliments  any conventional  management system in a fast and efficient application. The new Y Drop system attaches to 285 Boom Combinations on most High Clearance sprayers. Why Y Drop? To help each farmer address issues he shares in common with his neighbors with a tool that provides a quick return on his investment:

• Consistent Crops resulting in more total bushels per unit
• Decreased Costs as the Y Drop minimizes fertilization be­cause of specific placement of nutrients and timing of placement 
• Increased Yields by utilizing increased fertilization more efficiently

Y-Drop can be used on ANY brand of sprayer:


For purchase information see www.360yieldcenter.com  
phone: 888-512-4890  email: support@360yieldcenter.com